There's a Rude Hippo on the Loose!

You may have noticed that we've recently been pouring beers by Rude Hippo Brewing Company. We're happy to publicly announce that Rude Hippo is contract brewing out of our brewhouse. We've known the fine folks- Marilee, Karl, Medea Denson, and Ian, at Rude Hippo- in all its forms, for years now. They are dedicated to their craft and it shows in their brews. I'd take a stab at explaining Rude Hippo, but Marilee does it best: 

'You see, my dear, when two young breweries love each other very very much, they sometimes get lucky (heh heh) and are able to bring together their unique individual talents to create a stronger, more agile family. Such is the story of Rude Hippo. In the ultimate collaboration, the fine, upstanding folks at Twisted Hippo and Rude Boy Brewing have joined forces in the fight for truth, justice, and American Craft Beer. (Ok, so mostly that last thing, but you can bet we’re pretty stubbornly pro-truth and -justice, too.) Separately, they’re outstanding brewers with a wide portfolio of excellent, interesting brews. Together, they’re a force to be reckoned with. 

Look out, World. There’s a Rude Hippo out on the loose.

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We are currently pouring Rude Hippo's bittersweet 'Old Saint Auggie's Belgian IPA' 6.60 ABV. Old Saint Auggie combines Old World characteristics and a New World style. Equal parts down-to-Earth and refined, this Belgian style brew brings a sweet, fruity balance to a hefty hop bill, making this a versatile brew perfect for saints and sinners alike.