Update on happenings at our original location in GARY, IN.

We love our original location in the Miller Beach neighborhood of Gary, IN. The building has our thumb print all over it and means a lot to the 18th Street family. Lake Street has very few abandoned buildings due to the efforts of the business owners and residents who care about Gary and the Miller Beach neighborhood. I didn't want to let 5725 Miller Ave become another vacant building on lake street nor did the owners.

I'm happy to announce after months of negotiations with the building owners we have agreed to extend our lease for one more year which will keep the 18th Street Brewery Taproom in Gary while we wait for our plans and other approvals needed for the new taproom located at 614 S. Lake Street. 18th Street Brewery will also invest in the buildings maintenance and decor to something cool and fresh. Most importantly, it will allow us to continue to be an anchor in a important corner of the growing business district on Lake Street.- Drew Fox, Founder and President, 18th Street Brewery.

Joey Potts