New releases from our Small Batch Series, IN THE SHADOWS

Hot off the presses from our IN THE SHADOWS Small Batch series. Available on draft and to go in Hammond (3pm in Gary): Beware the False Prophet 5.7% Pale Ale. Our smooth bodied pale ale brewed with Pilsen malt and flaked oats is hopped with Zythos and Falconers Flight, and then heavily dry hopped with Falconers Flight. Expect hints Honey Suckle and Melon. $11 4 pack. Limit 4. 
Thread the Needle 8% Double India Pale Ale. Big aroma greets you with our Amarillo hopped DIPA that is also heavily dry hopped with Amarillo. Expect a 35% wheat in the grain bill is rounded out with lots of Pineapple and Mango notes. $12 4 pack. Limit 4.