Bucky- the man, the myth, is now an official Brewer for 18th Street.

Bucky has been helping us out with brewing for the last 8 months. Today we are happy to officially announce Bucky as a Brewer in the 18th Street Brew Team! Below is a bio of Bucky- but I kind of think this picture speaks for itself: 

'From beer-hater to brewer. Mad Hatter IPA opened my eyes to this wonderful world of beer 10 years ago. Crisp and refreshing and what is this? Beer has flavor? Hops you say? That is amazing. 

When my buddy Dave got a brew kit for Christmas about 5 years ago, we decided to give this brewing thing a try. Brewing under Big Dicks Brewing since then I have focused mainly on IPAs, stouts, and wood-aged beer. Loving what we do and wanting to share it with others led us to chef Won Kim and his series of home brew events. These gave us a place to interact with other home brewers and beer fans that were not just our friends. This was also how I met Drew.

The last 8 months I have been working at 18th street part-time.The experience I have gained will carry me through my career at 18th street brewery and beyond.'