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Drink & Draw

  • 18th Street Brewery 5725 Miller Ave Gary, IN, 46403 United States (map)

We’re super excited for our upcoming June 5th Drink & Draw. In addition to our normal Drink & Draw we are teaming up with our art neighbors, the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District for a creative, community based fundraising event. 

Miller Beach Arts & Creative District (MBACD) will be providing a giant canvas that will be hung in our family friendly front space during our Drink & Draw event from 6-10pm. Mark making materials (paints, markers) will be provided and we encourage anyone and everyone to express themselves on it. If paints and markers aren’t your choice materials, bring your own. Like to paint butterflies, paint some; enjoy drawing dogs, draw some; dabble in doodling skulls, doodle some - it is up to you. All ages and all skill levels are welcome with open arms. 

Sounds cool right!? Check this out: After the Drink & Draw event, the canvas will be cut into sections and hung for display on the gallery walls of the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District! The sections will be available for silent bid auction and all proceeds will go toward the funding* of the Miller Beach Lake Effekt Summer Expo - happening May 22nd-June 14th on Lake Street in Miller. (see the flyer below- LOTS of stuff going on over the weeks).

This is a great opportunity to get together with others in the community to create something that is not only beautiful and unique, but for a great (and fun) cause. We look forward to seeing what you create!

*Miller Beach Art & Creative District is a not for profit 501 C 3. All proceeds from the sale of the canvas will go toward paints for artists, permits, musicians, etc. for the Miller Beach Lake Effect Summer Expo. 


About our Drink & Draw
18th Street Drink & Draw is a fun way for creatives to get out of the house, show their work, meet other artists and fans, and become acquainted with possible buyers in an open and unbiased environment. 

-How does it work for artists? 
Do you like to draw, or paint, or decoupage? Come in and make some art while enjoying great beer (or craft cocktails, or soda or water). If you would like, hang what you have created on our display wall to show and sell during the event- there is no commission- you keep all money from the sale. It is a great way to show your work to a whole new audience, gain some new fans, and maybe make some money. 

Have premade work? Bring it in a portfolio to show off. We want to keep the display wall open for art that is made at the Drink & Draw. Also make sure to bring business cards to hand out to anyone interested in your work. 

If you want to just come in and enjoy a beer and sketch- that is fine as well. 

There is no sign up, no paperwork, no fees, no jury, just show up and do your thing. 

-How does it work for the public?
Come in and see art being created right before your eyes. If you see something you like you can talk directly with the artist about purchasing it on the spot. Or, maybe you have been wanting a piece of art for your living room- now you have a room full of artists that you can talk to about what you would like.