You haven’t heard from us in a while, but that is not a bad thing. We’ve been busy perfecting our recipes and reimagining The Sour Note Brewing. We are proud to relaunch The Sour Note Brewing with a new look and a new format. While some of our sours will continue to be bottled in 500 and 750mL's, we will now be releasing a majority of our sours in 12oz can format…starting today. 

Sour Note Peach Gose and Sour Note Blackberry Gose are the first of our 12oz 6pks. These beers are beautifully tart with a touch of salt and sweetness, perfect for all your adventures this summer. These will be available at the 18th Street Brewery in Hammond or the 18th Street Brewery Taproom and Craft Cocktail bar in Gary. $13 each, limit of 3. 



We are happy to release our latest batch of Cherry Gose. Tart, slightly salty with a touch of cherry sweetness, this ale is super refreshing. Available at 18th Street Brewery Hammond. $14 no limit.

We're excited to announce we'll be back at Upland Brewing Company's Sour+Wild+Funk Fest 2016. This a MUST for Midwest Sour lovers. Tickets are required. More info here.


Introducing the latest in our fruited series, RASPBERRY GOSE. On sale today, $14 cash/credit with no limit on bottles.


We are happy to release our Sour Saison w/lemon zest. 750mL bottles available now in the 18th Street Brewery brewpub for $12 each.


We are super excited to have some friends and ridiculously good brewers in from Denmark. For our collab w Alefarm Brewing we are brewing a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. It will be 100% barrel fermented with 2 strains of Brett on top of hand picked and pressed white wine grapes from Michigan.


We are happy to release the second in our fruited series, our Gose with blackberries. Salty and tart with a hint of sweetness, this is an amazingly refreshing beer.


We are happy to present the first in our Wood Series- our Flanders Style Red Ale aged in French red wine barrels. Available in 750mL format for $20 with a limit of 5. Cash or credit.


We are excited to announce that in October we will be brewing a collaborative beer with Alefarm Brewing of Denmark. Alefarm focuses on handcrafted farmhouse style ales and sours- is producing some really ambitious, delicious, and complex beers. We are really looking forward to this collab. 


Today we have released our first 'official' canned sour. This 4.7% Sour Saison with Lemon Zest is a perfectly tart and refreshing fit for a can. It is available in the 18th Bottle Shop for $13 per 6 pack, with a limit of three.


It is a very exciting day today as we have recieved our custom, hand-built 18bbl. Foeder (pron. FOODER).


We are extremely excited to release Cherry Gose, the first in our Fruited Series. Salty and tart with a hint of sweetness, this amazingly refreshing ale is brewed with coriander & sea salt with Michigan cherries added. $14 cash or credit with a 2 bottle limit.


Drew up in beautiful MI picking cherries from the source. These cherries will be used in our upcoming fruited sours series.



Our Flanders Red Style Ale is back in the bottle shop. 750mL format; $12 cash/credit with a 4 bottle limit. Also, we have our official Sour Note flutes available 2 for $12 while supplies last. 


Join us at Northdown Cafe and Taproom this coming Monday during Chicago Craft Beer Week as we pour The Sour Note Brewing. More info here. 


We are super excited and honored to have been asked to participate in this years Upland Brewing Compan's 3rd Annual Midwest Sour + Wild + Funk Fest, taking place this Saturday in downtown Indianapolis. We'll see you there! 


A new batch of our Gose is now available through 18th Street's bottle shop. $13 cash or credit with no limit on bottles. Official Sour Note flutes are available in house and our online shop here.


Our Sour Farmhouse in 750mL. bottles is now available in 18th Street's bottle shop. They are $13 each with a 3 bottle limit, cash/credit. Pictured with artwork by Matthew Ryan Sharp, whose show opens Friday, April 3rd, 7-11pm and runs into the first week of June. 



We are extremely excited to have The Sour Note Brewing's first tap takeover take place at La Margarita in Fountain Square (Indianapolis). La Margarita has been a huge supporter of 18th Street, our Sour Note project, and the Indy craft beer scene. They continually have great beer offerings and events. Please join us for this special event. 

From Sour Note we'll be bringing;

Sour Red
Sour Farmhouse
Cucumber Farmhouse

and from 18th;  
Hunter Cherry Vanilla Firkin 


We have sold out of our Flanders Style Red Ale 750mL bottles. Thanks all!


Our Flanders Red Ale will be on sale today at noon at 18th Street Brewery's bottle shop. 1 bottle limit, $13 cash/credit. We are extremely happy with how this beer turned out- hints of dry cherry, tart and sharp flavors will dance upon your tongue.


Bucky filling red wine puncheons with our Sour Farmhouse.


Richard and Bucky mashing in a Sour Farmhouse.


Filling our Flanders Red into red wine puncheons. Our Sour Red Ale, the unaged version, is on tap now in the 18th Street taproom. We are extremely happy with how the Red Ale turned out and can't wait to taste the Flanders when its ready.


We have sold out of our Gose bottles. Thank you all for your support.


We have sold out of our Berliner Weisse bottles. Thank you all for your support. 

02/13/15 We are happy to announce the release of our Gose. This batch is tart, lemony, but balanced nicely by the salt. There is a hint of funk on the nose, but the coriander comes through as well. Each bottle is $13, cash or credit, with a limit of 2. Available now. Official Sour Note glassware is also available in house in the merch shop.


We're extremely happy to announce the release of our second batch of our Berliner Weisse. This batch comes in with a touch of funk, a tartness on the tongue and a body richer than the first batch. $13. 750mL cash or credit. No limit on these.

01/18/14 The test batch of our first coolship beer- aged 3 months in a Journeyman Distillery Buggy Whip Wheat Barrel, is tasting amazing in a short amount of time. The base beer is Hunter Double Milk Stout with aged hops. We wanted to keep it moving with a farmhouse beer with aged hops in a bourbon barrel. Yep not done yet, we have two 500 HL Puncheons with 4 more on the way for our Gose. 

Cool Ship

Cool Ship



10/15/14 Sunday, October 19th at noon, we will release our Berliner Weisse in a 750mL format. Our Berliner Weisse was brewed by Anna Martinez of 18th Street Brewery- it is soft and beautiful with a touch of funk and sour. $12 limit 3. 

Berliner Weisse is a top-fermented, bottle conditioned wheat beer made with both traditional warm-fermenting yeasts and lactobacillus culture. Regional to Berlin, this sharp, tart, fruity, and refreshing ale dates back to the Middle Ages and has been called ‘The Workers’ Sparkling Wine.’ 

Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse

10/05/14 We have sold out of the second batch of our Gose bottles. Thank you all again for the support! 

10/01/14 Anna Martinez, a brewer with 18th Street Brewery, has been invited to The Sour Note to brew her first beer with us- a Berliner Weisse. 

9/27/14 We will be releasing the second batch of our Gose on Sunday, September 28th at noon. We're very excited for this second batch and happy to present it in the 750mL format. It will be $15 and there will not be a bottle limit.

9/25/14 We are pleased to announce The Sour Note has been reformatted for 750mL bottles. The first of the 750mL's will be available for our second batch of Gose. Details and information on that release will be posted soon. 

Sour Note has been reformatted for 750mL bottles. 

Sour Note has been reformatted for 750mL bottles. 

9/22/2014: We have sold out of our GOSE- the first of our release's. Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support. Stay tuned for information on our next release. 

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The Sour Note Brewing is a gypsy style brewing project of the 18th Street Brewery. Headed by Drew Fox, Richard Mendoza, and Joey Potts, The Sour Note Brewing will allow us to invite prolific brewers in to focus on extremely small batches of Sour, Brett, Gose, and Gueze style beers.

Our Mission Statement:

‘...Any note, 
no matter how sour, 
sounds like a song 
if you hold onto it 
long enough.’
-DeWitt Bodeen

Delicate, yet aggressive, sour beer is the culmination of great patience, immaculate attention to craft, & an immense amount of labor. Just as many find great beauty in the acerbic, tart, & earthy overtones of a great sour, we also find the same beauty in our hometown of Gary, Indiana.

We present to you ‘The Sour Note’, a line of sour beers from 18th Street Brewery that are crafted with the same passion that the people of our great city bring to everything they do in their lives.

-(written by 18th Street Brewery's Charlie Evans). 

GOSE: A traditional German beer style that was all but extinct 30 years ago. An amazingly refreshing beer brewed with coriander and sea salt. The tart, dry finish combined with the hing of salt and citrus leaves your palate craving another sip.