We invite anyone who has goods that contain some sort of handmade element. Examples include: Drawings, paintings, jewelry, soap, lotions, candles, clothing- even kombucha, candies, and more.



Set up begins at 10am. Your table and chairs will already be assembled and in place, all you have to do is set up your displays. 


What does the Table rental include?

The table rental includes a of 6ft x 4ft display area, a 6ft table (6ftL x 30inD x 29inH), and 2 chairs. You may display in your 6ft x 4ft area however you would like, and you can display vertically up to 8ft high. Displays cannot extend past the front of the table as it would impede the walkway. We will not be able to supply power to your tables, so plan accordingly. We will have a private WiFi set up for those showcasing. 


Why do I have to pay to exhibit?

Your payment goes directly to the rental of the tables and the labor to set up and break down the tables after the show is over. It also goes to the cost of staffing during the event to make sure all runs as smoothly as possible.  


How are sales handled?

Those who are showcasing are in charge of their own sales. If you are taking cash we would recommend bringing a cash box and plenty of small bills for change. If you are accepting credit we will have a private WiFi set up for this showcasing. However, as we all know internet can sometimes drag, so being flexible with payment methods is encouraged. 


Does the brewery take any percentage of my sales?



You are a brewery, have you ever done anything like this before? 

Yes, we had our first BAN ART FAIR in 2014 in the Miller Beach neighborhood of Gary, the then home of 18th Street Brewery. We had 17 exhibitors and hundreds of people come through the doors for the fair. Every exhibitor was very happy with their sales. It was such a hit that it was written up in the NWI Times. Our current location in Hammond is much larger and we are able to offer you more room to display your goods and more room for customers to walk around. 


Why should I showcase?

The holidays are a great time for artists and crafters to sell their unique, hand made goods. Along with making some money, you will be able to interact and build relations with new and old customers alike. 

If you have further questions regarding the BAN ART FAIR please use the contact form below. Don't worry, your email address will not be sold or traded or bartered. 

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